Hypnotherapy helping Cancer patients

hypnotherapy for cancerI’ve been seeing clients at The Hypnotherapy Practice since 2007 and it’s fair to say to start with I dealt with the more common issues people wanted to see me about such as weight loss and stop smoking. Cancer touches the lives of pretty much everyone and as the years progressed I started to think about areas I wanted to specialise in helping people with. Through my training of other subjects I knew cancer was a disease whereby the symptoms could be helped with hypnosis but I never pursued finding out more until recently. The more I read about how it helps the more fascinating I find it and I am excited to offer it to people as I really believe it can make a difference to people.

How can Hypnotherapy help with Cancer patients?

hypnotherapy for cancerOf course unfortunately hypnotherapy cannot cure cancer and at no point in what I write below do I mean to imply that. But it can help the patient in a number of other ways (see boxes below) including helping them feel more in control and comfortable and improving their quality of life. There have been studies of benefits of using Hypnosis and you can read some information about it on the Cancer Research UK website.

There is an interesting (although rather complex medically worded document) link here on Hypnosis in Cancer care and it mentions studies done in many of the things in the boxes below which can be helped. It might be something you would like to skim over.

Medical science has progressed significantly over the years in terms of how people are helped to fight their disease. But mind and body are interconnected and hypnotherapy helps bring the mind into align with what’s happening with the body especially with regards to coping with treatments such as radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

Hypnotherapy is available to be used alongside conventional medical treatments and below are some of the ways it can be beneficial (with links to evidence for each symptom where applicable).