Hypnotherapy helping Cancer patients

hypnotherapy for cancerTreating clients since 2007, to start with I dealt with the more common issues such as weight loss and stop smoking. As the years progressed I started to think about more unusual areas that interested me, cancer treatment being one of them. I proceeded to do training in alleviating some of the side-effects and/or mental mindset to cope with it.

The mind/body connection

hypnotherapy for cancerUnfortunately, hypnotherapy cannot cure cancer and at no point do I mean to imply that. But it can help the patient in a number of other ways (see boxes below) including helping them feel more in control, comfortable and improving their quality of life. There have been studies of benefits of using Hypnosis and you can read some information about it on the Cancer Research UK website.

Medical science has progressed significantly over the years in terms of how people are helped to fight their disease. But mind and body are interconnected and hypnotherapy helps bring the mind into align with what’s happening with the body, especially with regards to coping with treatments such as radiotherapy and chemotherapy.