Deal with break ups and move forward

Emily Heale can help you to overcome your phobiasHaving difficulties in a relationship or breaking up with someone can be upsetting and heart breaking. Maybe you have trust issues, jealousy problems or are single and want to bring love into your life. Whether you want to get your relationship back on track or get over the negative feelings you have after a break up, hypnotherapy can put things into perspective and help you get through the pain and emotion. Whatever your situation you will find hypnotherapy helps you feel more positive and optimistic about the future whether it is with your current partner or going it alone. Click here for more information on how hypnotherapy can change your outlook on love and relationships.

Common relationship issues

Overcoming Rejection and Hurt

  • Attract love into your life
  • Become less jealous
  • Break emotional ties with an ex
  • Family conflicts/arguments
  • Fear of commitment
  • Fear of being rejected
  • Feelings of guilt
  • Get over a broken relationship
  • Overcome the feeling of being hurt
  • Rebuild trust

Along with designing sessions specifically to your required needs to help with matters such as the above, as a matter of routine I also include many high self esteem and confidence suggestions to help you feel positive and ready to move forward.

I am highly trained in the application of Suggestion Therapy (also known as Clinical Hypnosis), using carefully worded hypnotic suggestions to help people re-programme negative thought patterns. Suggestion Therapy involves using psychology, visualisation, positive suggestions, hypnosis and relaxation to create immediate changes in behaviour. For information about the cost of sessions click here.

If you have a Sexual Problem please see my dedicated page by clicking here.