Why choose Hypnosis to help with Stop Smoking?

Emily Heale, a National Smoking Cessation Institute Therapist, can help with your quest to quit smoking

The reason hypnotherapy tends to be successful is because it gives you an immediate reward for quitting smoking. You need to understand before booking in with me that you, the smoker, has to have a degree of your own willpower/motivation and reasons for quitting. Stopping smoking has to be something you do for yourself, no-one else. I’m one of the longest practising Hypnotherapists in Milton Keynes and with the help and support of my smoking cessation session, quitting should be easier than going cold turkey.

The session lasts around 75 minutes and costs £190 – probably way less than you spend on cigarettes each month. The audio provided is to help back up the session and enable you to continue to feel immense pride, satisfaction and most importantly the confidence that you can stay off the fags. Imagine how great you will feel when the cravings stop, you look and feel healthier, you have more money and the weight of health worries will be lifted off your shoulders.

How do I feel after a Quit Smoking session?

Quitting SmokingThe benefits of quitting using hypnotherapy, some of the benefits my clients say:-

  • Drastically reduced or no withdrawal symptoms.
  • No weight gain.
  • No patches to put on as a constant reminder you once smoked – you don’t replace one crutch with another.
  • Provides you with the strength and optimism to remain smoke free, for life.
  • Stay stopped for life.
  • Works for long term heavy smokers as well as light smokers (I’ve seen many clients in their 60’s and even a few in their early 70’s).

For more information about hypnotherapy and how it will feel, visit my Questions page. The cost for a Stop Smoking session is £190.