Claire M, Milton Keynes (Relaxed Childbirth)

What I liked about the Relaxed Childbirth programme:-

  • The ability to help myself in the run up to the due date, when I started to get very nervous at the prospect of giving birth.
  • The fact it helped me feel in control, very relaxed and positive about the whole process and knowing I could do it.
  • I loved how relaxing the sessions were.
  • The take-home CDs were very useful.
  • That my husband could get involved with the sessions and CDs at home.
  • That it worked!

Throughout the entire experience I can honestly say that my husband, baby and I remained calm. My husband and I chatted throughout the entire labour and even got a shout out on one of the early morning shows whilst I was having contractions!

I had 3 “stretch and sweeps” in the run up to labour plus then internal examinations every couple of hours in labour. I was nervous about the stretch and sweeps as several people had told me they were painful. I can honestly say that I never once experienced pain during any internal examination as I used the hypnotherapy skills to relax my body and mind. I took myself off using the countdown method prescribed by Emily and it helped enormously.

The main thing for me was a birth which resulted in a healthy baby and mum and we got both. I feel incredibly lucky and I truly believe that the hypnotherapy did wonders for us. I cannot recommend it enough.

Claire M, Milton Keynes (Relaxed Childbirth)
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