Aim higher in your game

Hypnotherapy for golf

Using hypnotherapy to help with golf is not a new concept. Tiger Woods and many other top golf pros have been utilising the benefits of hypnosis for many years. On every one of Tiger’s shots his attention is focused, not just once in a while or when he’s having a good day. Tiger Woods may have been playing golf since a young boy but nothing should stop you from copying the mindset he has, to play to your very best. Without a doubt you can develop your mental game to a point that you will feel super confident, improve your game and lower your handicap.

Bringing in some mental training techniques is one of the best ways to overcome problems in golf, take your game to the next level and lower your handicap without changing a shot in your repertoire. Having a great mental attitude on the course will help with your chipping, pitching, putting, driving, fairway, wedge and bunker play. It will eliminate the yips and help you with your short game too.

Pressure to perform in golf competitions

Golf HypnotherapySome golfers become masters of self-sabotage. The pressure of competition often brings out problems which may not exist in practice. Basically your mind is either working for you, or against you, just depending upon how it is “programmed” to perform, especially under pressure. Your mind and body have a similar physiology and neurology to the best golfers in the world. It is your attitude of whether you believe you are good or not at golf that makes a huge difference to your golf games. It is possible that golfers of all standards can develop a strong mental focus and play consistently when they become skilled at using their minds in a way most players are not.

Rather than buying new clubs which already work perfectly, the solution lies in your mind. It is the way you are using them which needs to be changed. The key to your success is confidence and golf hypnotherapy sessions will change negative beliefs no matter how deep rooted they are. Just as you might have lessons from golf professionals to help you the way you approach your game physically, you can help improve your game even further by having golf hypnotherapy to help with the most powerful aspect of your game – your mind.

Experience any of these when playing golf?

the satisfaction of holing out in a lower score

  • 1st tee nerves or lack of belief in yourself
  • Slumps in form
  • Regularly recurring problems on the course
  • Lapses in concentration and focus
  • Doubts, fears, worries and anxiety
  • Great in practice, but not performing in competition
  • Overly worrying about the “obstacles” such as the bunkers and trees

These are classic situations that I deal with and apart from overcoming problems, hypnotherapy is also great for simply taking your game to the next level and achieving a powerful, serene mindset in turn helping you enjoy the game more.

With golf hypnotherapy sessions you can..

  • Improve your scores without practising any harder
  • Overcome debilitating nervousness
  • Have a longer and more focused concentration
  • Play relaxed golf, with more satisfaction and enjoyment
  • Have a calm, clear and focused mind
  • Have deep inner belief in yourself and your abilities
  • Have more consistent performances in competitions

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