Conquer Fears and Phobias with Hypnotherapy


Fears and phobias can be eased or dealt with entirely using hypnotherapy. I use a combination of suggestion therapy and NLP to help clients. I have helped people with fear of driving, insects, flying, public speaking and dentists, along with many others (maybe the most unusual being frogs). For more information on fears and phobias visit the relevant page of my website: –

Here is a testimonial from one of my happy clients:-

“When I first came to see you, I was almost 50 years old and so terrified of driving that I couldn’t even think about being behind the wheel without feeling ill. I was embarrassed to not hold a driving licence but there was no way I could get into a car to drive. You quickly got to the root of the problem in one session. I was amazed and impressed. There was a huge problem right in front of me that I hadn’t even realised. Thankfully you managed to guide my thinking into better ways in just one session. In the weeks following our hypnosis session, I started to be more comfortable with the idea of driving and then decided to give it a go and book a lesson. Only a few weeks later my instructor tells me that I’m a very good, safe driver and well on the way to passing my test. In the 20 years before my hypnotherapy session with you, I couldn’t even think about a test! Weirdest of all – I really like driving now! How amazing is that?” Marian Martin, Milton Keynes

If you do not live near me and are unable to visit me for a session, you may find one of the MP3 downloads on Hypnotic World useful.