Are phobias learnt or are we born with them?

Fears and PhobiasI have come across an interesting post on the Daily Mail website regarding phobias. It debates the fact that we learn to develop fears and phobias rather than being born with them. Many children for instance will copy their parent’s reactions if let’s say their mother screams hysterically whenever she sees a snake. The child will very quickly come to the conclusion there must be something really scary about snakes otherwise mum wouldn’t scream every time she saw one on the TV! The article goes on to explain that hypnotherapy can be very effective in dealing with phobias such as flying. I’ve helped people with all sorts of phobias including driving phobias, flying, insects, public speaking and exams. If you would like some help with your phobia please visit the relevant page on my website:-

Here is the link to the article on the Daily Mail website:-

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