Want to appreciate those unwanted Christmas presents?

gift-444519_640The link to the article below demonstrates how useful the NLP technique of Anchoring can be. By remembering a good time and vividly recalling the emotions connected to the memory, you can then “anchor” that feeling with a physical act such as touching your thumb and index finger. You think the good thought and do the physical action at the same time. This embeds the feeling with the action. Some people may touch a particular knuckle, or their ear lobe. It doesn’t matter what you choose although it helps to choose something which is subtle otherwise you may get some strange looks!

The more often you practice this technique the stronger the feeling will be when you “fire” your anchor in the time of need (firing is simply repeating the physical touch). Firing your anchor would be done in the specific circumstance that you want to evoke that good feeling, such as a feeling of gratitude when you open a present you really do not want.

I use anchoring with clients for all sorts of reasons; maybe to motivate someone, to make them feel happy or confident. The possibilities are almost endless, as long as the outcome you choose is a positive one I am happy to help.

The AOL News article can be found here: – http://www.aolnews.com/2010/12/24/awful-christmas-gift-learn-to-love-it-through-hypnosis/