Quitting smoking is easier with hypnotherapy

Quit SmokingDid you make a New Year’s Resolution to quit smoking in 2012? How are you getting on? If you are struggling you may want to consider using hypnotherapy to help you quit the fags forever.

A smoker using hypnotherapy to become a non-smoker has to make the decision to quit for themselves. Hypnosis is a great tool but cannot make you do anything against your will. What it will do it enable you to feel confident that you can stay off cigarettes. Many people walk away from smoking cessation sessions with little or no cravings for tobacco. They just get on with their lives just as most of the other non-smokers on the planet do, dealing with life’s ups and downs without the added stress of thinking about when they can get their next nicotine fix. Associations with smoking can be broken, for example if you used to have a cigarette when drinking coffee, or if you used to light up after every meal.

The numbers of sessions hypnotherapists offer for smoking cessation can vary from 1 to maybe 3. Personally I have found that nearly all my clients only need one session to become and remain smoke free. Stop smoking sessions are normally quite pricey so hypnotherapists who offer some sort of guarantee their sessions will work are obviously attractive to those who are worried about the cost. I offer such a guarantee and you can find out more on www.hypno4stopsmoking.co.uk

You know when you see your favourite band in concert it’s so much better than listening to them on a CD at home, well the same applies with hypnotherapy. You cannot beat real life sessions but if you do not live near me and are unable to visit me for a session, you may find one of the MP3 downloads on Hypnotic World useful.

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