Hypnotherapy for phobias, stop smoking, weight loss and more

spiral-303135_640If you want to lose weight, stop smoking or set yourself free from any problems, habits or symptoms that are worrying you then carry on reading! Now it’s the start of 2011 it is a perfect time to take control of problems/issues you have in your life. You can do this easily, gently and effectively using hypnotherapy as it is a safe and proven solution to many emotional and anxiety related problems including stress, lack of motivation, lack of confidence, worries and phobias.

Was it your New Year’s resolution to quit smoking? I am a Milton Keynes based hypnotherapist and have helped numerous clients stop smoking quickly and easily in just one smoking cessation session in which I use powerful hypnotic techniques to give ex-smokers immediate rewards for quitting smoking. You may be pleased to hear that ex-smokers need not gain any weight either!

Perhaps you’d like to shed some extra pounds in 2011. With my help you can forget about counting every single calorie by establishing new behavioural patterns to kick start a healthy attitude to food which will stay with you forever. You can choose from the three session Relaxed Eating Programme or five session Hypno-Band programme (virtual gastric band).

If you’d like to find out more about hypnotherapy free consultations are available to discuss your case in confidence at the Milton Keynes office. Contact me, Emily Heale on 07990 521266, email emily@thehypnopractice.com or visit my website www.thehypnopractice.com