Self-hypnosis for a more natural and easy childbirth


Most films and television programmes portray childbirth to be an extremely painful experience with screaming and swearing. If this was the case wouldn’t women stop at one child (because they couldn’t bear to go through it again) and most people have no siblings? The majority of women would prefer to have as natural a birth as possible because they realise it’s better for them and better for their baby. But a mother who hasn’t prepared well for childbirth may find that soon after it begins panic can set in. They want drug and epidurals to ease the pain, pain that they have already convinced themselves they will have.

Part of the fear of childbirth is often the fear of being out of control. In today’s society women (and men) are in control of nearly all aspects of their life and some find it harder to cope when nature needs to run its course.

But there is an alternative – self-hypnosis. Practised daily it stops the “fear-tension-pain cycle” kicking in during labour. Mothers can use self-hypnosis to ease discomfort as well as using it to relax their mind and body. A relaxed body means relaxed muscles and uterus – mothers who are uptight and tense are literally holding onto their unborn babies. A relaxed mind can focus more clearly and thereby concentrate on the matter in hand of easing their baby gently into the world. Feelings of discomfort can be converted into feelings of pressure when pushing. Hypnotherapy can help change your perception of the birth and every contraction can be seen as being a step closer to meeting your baby for the first time. Hypno-birthing can be just the answer you are looking for to remain in control of what’s happening during labour.

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If you do not live near me and are unable to visit me for a session, you may find one of the MP3 downloads on Hypnotic World useful.

Childbirth hypnosis MP3 downloads

Childbirth hypnosis MP3 downloads