Hypnosis for a calmer childbirth where you feel more in control

Buckinghamshire Mum, Charity used hypnotherapy techniques with pain control during the birth of baby EllaHypnotherapy is a useful tool in dealing with levels of discomfort and a great tool to be used during all stages of childbirth. Are you a first time mum worried about how you will deal with the birth of your first baby and the levels of discomfort? Or have you been through childbirth before and want to feel more in control this time? Maybe you have heard stories about childbirth in the media, from friends or family or have your own personal memories and experience to go by.

I have two children myself so can appreciate the questions which go through the minds of pregnant ladies. Whichever situation you are in and whatever childbirth method you choose (home birth, water birth etc) a happier more relaxed mother means a more relaxed baby and hypnosis can help you achieve this.

Hypnotherapy can help you with childbirth fears and worries before the birth and allow you to feel more in control during labour itself. A programme of 3 sessions incorporates positive visualisation and suggestions (very similar to hypnobirthing) to encourage relaxation and alter your perception of the birth. Expectant mums are also taught self hypnosis techniques. To support the process audios are provided for a calmer childbirth experience.

Ideally the programme starts at week 30 to 34 but if you have left it late in your pregnancy to consider the option of hypnotherapy and do not have time to schedule the whole programme of sessions before your baby’s birth, I have had ladies who have only had time for one or two sessions and still found them to be beneficial.

Benefits of using hypnotherapy for a relaxed childbirth:-

Baby Charlie - delivered in Milton Keynes using hypnotherapy

  • Less or no medication/intervention needed
  • Often a faster arrival time for the baby and easier delivery (when your mind is calm, your body is more relaxed)
  • The potential for faster bonding with baby and parents (before and after the birth)
  • Releases fears and worries
  • A happy, relaxed childbirth with you in charge
  • Reduce the likelihood of antenatal and post natal depression