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    Stop smoking • Lose Weight • Conquer Fears

Self-hypnosis to help horse rider get back in the saddleThis recent Daily Mail article tells of how a keen rider developed a phobia of her horse and had hypnotherapy to help her overcome it. There are also a few tips on self-hypnosis. Click here to read the full story. Contact me if you have a phobia you would like to eradicate. emily@thehypnopractice.com or visit www.thehypnopractice.com

Banana PhobiaIn a recent Daily Mail article it tells a story of how a lady who hated bananas has been helped with hypnotherapy. It doesn’t say if she now actually eats bananas or not though but at least she can be in the same room as them! Click on the photo itself to read the article. To arrange a free consultation to help with your phobia please call me on 07990 521266. Click here to read more information on phobias on my website.

gastric band hypnosisA mother and daughter in Portsmouth have lost 5 stone between them after having hypno gastric band surgery. Even though they know they haven’t really had surgery, their stomachs tell them a different story and they have reduced the amount of food they eat as well as changing the types of food they consume. You can click here to read the full report on the Mirror’s website on how hypnotherapy has helped these ladies lose weight.

For a free consultation to discuss how the Hypno-Band can work for you, call me on 07990 521266 or visit www.hypno4weightloss.co.uk

Lower your Golf HandicapThey say 90% of golf is in the mind so if you want to lower your handicap, take your game to the next level and enjoy it more then you need a great mental attitude on the course.

I am a Buckinghamshire based hypnotherapist and have designed hypnotherapy sessions specifically for golfers helping them to achieve success and gain confidence during a round. The yips can be eliminated; your short game can be improved as well as your driving, fairway, wedge and bunker play.

Hypnosis is a receptive and focused state of awareness which helps to promote learning and retention of new ideas. This very natural state can be utilised to bring about positive changes in the way you think about your shots and game of golf. Free consultations are available. More information can be found here:- www.hypno4golf.co.uk

Dancing Helped by NLPStrictly Come Dancing’s Camilla Dallerup describes in a recent Express Newspaper interview how she has used NLP to train her mind to help her sport. She has used it to help with upsets in her private life as well as her job as a professional dancer. Visit my website for more information of how Hypnosis and NLP can help you improve your sport and your relationships:- www.thehypnopractice.com You can read more about Camilla’s enthusiasm for NLP here:- www.express.co.uk/posts/view/246836

Stop Smoking The Milton Keynes Citizen has run a competition for me to win a Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy session. I’m on the front page of the paper as well as on page 14 where details of the competition can be found. See www.hypno4stopsmoking.co.ukfor more details about my smoking cessation session.

Gastric Hypno BandChanelle Hayes doesn’t need to lose weight as far as I’m concerned and she certainly doesn’t have the recommended BMI of around 30 or more to benefit from having a Hypno-Band but apparently she really wants either a real gastric band fitted or a virtual gastric-band. You can read about her thoughts here:- www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1385189

If you do have a BMI of around 30 or more and would like a free consultation please visit my website for more information:- www.hypno4weightloss.co.uk


Fears and phobias can be eased or dealt with entirely using hypnotherapy. I use a combination of suggestion therapy and NLP to help clients. I have helped people with fear of driving, insects, flying, public speaking and dentists, along with many others (maybe the most unusual being frogs). For more information on fears and phobias visit the relevant page of my website: – http://www.thehypnopractice.com/fears-phobias.htm

Here is a testimonial from one of my happy clients:-

“When I first came to see you, I was almost 50 years old and so terrified of driving that I couldn’t even think about being behind the wheel without feeling ill. I was embarrassed to not hold a driving licence but there was no way I could get into a car to drive. You quickly got to the root of the problem in one session. I was amazed and impressed. There was a huge problem right in front of me that I hadn’t even realised. Thankfully you managed to guide my thinking into better ways in just one session. In the weeks following our hypnosis session, I started to be more comfortable with the idea of driving and then decided to give it a go and book a lesson. Only a few weeks later my instructor tells me that I’m a very good, safe driver and well on the way to passing my test. In the 20 years before my hypnotherapy session with you, I couldn’t even think about a test! Weirdest of all – I really like driving now! How amazing is that?” Marian Martin, Milton Keynes

If you do not live near me and are unable to visit me for a session, you may find one of the MP3 downloads on Hypnotic World useful.

Childbirth Anxiety

When an expectant mother is anticipating discomfort during the birth process, stressor hormones such as adrenaline, epinephrine or norepinephrine are released. These will be travelling around her body in large amounts prior to and during labour. On a subconscious level she is expecting discomfort.

If she cannot flee or flight then her only other means of defence is to freeze. Blood is then channelled away from her uterus (as it’s obviously not used for defence) and the arteries surrounding the uterus are subjected to a restricted flow of blood and oxygen. Instead of the usual relaxed, easy flowing movement of the muscles around the uterus, the lack of blood and oxygen will result in shortened, tighter muscles in the areas most essential to the progress of the birth i.e. the muscles used to thin and open the cervix.

These muscles criss-cross the outer and inner uterus walls, the lowest ones responsible for stretching and widening the cervix, the opening through which the baby will descend; the uppermost being responsible for a downward pressure on the baby’s bottom, which in turn presses down on the cervix as a means to further thin and widen, to aid the birth process. Starved of sufficient oxygen, those muscles are under-performing, slowing the birth process and adding to the level of discomfort due to their inefficiency.

It makes sense then to suppose that in a situation where the mother is relaxed and looking forward to the birth, there will be more synergy between the muscles and the birth process will become faster, easier and will result in a significant reduction in discomfort.

By being relaxed during childbirth, the body responds in a very different way to the fear scenario described above. When we are relaxed, our breathing is even and rhythmical; ensuring a high level of oxygen is entering our bloodstream. This oxygen goes through to the baby, ensuring he/she remains calm and stable.  Increased oxygen stimulates the production of Oxytocin (the hormone responsible for birthing waves) and endorphins. Blood pressure remains at healthy level; and as the body is limp and relaxed the mother is able to conserve her energy; with all excess energy being channelled through to the muscle that is really working hard, namely the uterus. As the uterus has no resistance or tension from surrounding muscles, the contractions are more effective and more comfortable. As childbirth progresses unhindered by artificial hormones, other natural hormones kick in to aid relaxation, which allows the cells of the birth canal to relax, soften and stretch, so making the baby’s descent easier.

If you are local to Milton Keynes and are expecting a baby and want to be calm and feel in control during labour, read details on my website about Hypno-Birthing. www.hypno4childbirth.co.uk

spiral-303135_640If you want to lose weight, stop smoking or set yourself free from any problems, habits or symptoms that are worrying you then carry on reading! Now it’s the start of 2011 it is a perfect time to take control of problems/issues you have in your life. You can do this easily, gently and effectively using hypnotherapy as it is a safe and proven solution to many emotional and anxiety related problems including stress, lack of motivation, lack of confidence, worries and phobias.

Was it your New Year’s resolution to quit smoking? I am a Milton Keynes based hypnotherapist and have helped numerous clients stop smoking quickly and easily in just one smoking cessation session in which I use powerful hypnotic techniques to give ex-smokers immediate rewards for quitting smoking. You may be pleased to hear that ex-smokers need not gain any weight either!

Perhaps you’d like to shed some extra pounds in 2011. With my help you can forget about counting every single calorie by establishing new behavioural patterns to kick start a healthy attitude to food which will stay with you forever. You can choose from the three session Relaxed Eating Programme or five session Hypno-Band programme (virtual gastric band).

If you’d like to find out more about hypnotherapy free consultations are available to discuss your case in confidence at the Milton Keynes office. Contact me, Emily Heale on 07990 521266, email emily@thehypnopractice.com or visit my website www.thehypnopractice.com