What addictions can be helped with Hypnosis?

Hypnosis sessions can be particularly helpful for people in early recovery, after the initial stages of withdrawal, although I have had experience involving people wanting to come off cocaine in particular, where they were still using right before committing to see me (although not the same day as their session!).

As well as me giving you a push in the right direction, I would always recommend you seek further professional help if you are wanting assistance with a drug addiction. Examples of organisations who can assist you as well as myself, can be found on the website links right at the bottom of this page.

I deal with everything in the strictest confidence, I don’t write down what your addiction is (although I do take some other basic details such as your age and any medical issues). The sessions are very gentle, relaxing and the type of hypnotherapy I use is called Suggestion Therapy so it doesn’t involve you talking. You can find more info on the Questions page about what hypnotherapy feels like. I can help with some different drugs but not all of them, please see the list below.

There are mentions on various websites of how hypnotherapy can help with the transition of coming off drugs. Click here to see an article on the UK Rehab page. As mentioned on the page, you cannot come to see me for a session when you are high or drunk. The session won’t have an effect as you have to be able to concentrate. If you’d like a free initial consultation please get in touch with me.

Addictions I can help with include:-

Here are also some useful links for various other organisations who can assist you in coming off drugs:-

Alcoholics Anonymous
Narcotics Anonymous
NHS Website
Rehab Online

Please just get in touch with me if you have any questions. My email address is emily@thehypnopractice.com but please include your mobile number, as my emails often end up in people’s spam folder, so I follow it up with a quick text message.