Success Stories

I had hypnosis for Weight Loss and in less than 3 months have lost almost 2 stone so far! Amazing! First of all I noticed that I was snacking less between meals and then I began to leave food on my plate as I was full.

I can honestly say I have never left food on my plate as was brought up to clear your plate or no pudding! I am feeling happier and healthier which is what I was hoping for when I started this journey.

Emily was so understanding of my problem and I felt calm and relaxed during my sessions with her. If you are struggling to lose weight I would highly recommend you give hypnosis a go.

Cheryl Howe, Milton Keynes (Weight Loss)

Two years ago I had hypnotherapy for weight loss. My main problem area was snacking between meals plus I wanted to make healthier choices. I am still benefiting from the effects of the sessions and to date I have lost one and a half stone which was my target weight loss. I am very happy!

Claudia Wilson, Milton Keynes (Weight Loss)

I have been overweight for more than 30 years. I’ve tried every diet under the sun and although I’ve lost weight on some of them it always goes back on again. I had no faith at all in hypnotherapy but a colleague of mine gave up his 20 a day smoking habit after his session with Emily so I thought I might as well give it a go.

On my 1st session I was hopeful but full of doubt, thinking “this can’t work for me I have been like this for most of my life.” I left the session feeling absolutely no different to when I went in. But that evening I did my weekly shop and found myself in the fruit and vegetable aisle for more than 35 minutes (time that was previously allocated to the cake and chocolate aisle!).

I had 3 sessions 2 weeks apart which I paid for in advance to make sure I would keep attending. In my first 2 weeks I lost 10lbs. By my third session I had lost 1 stone and 2 pounds. I have continued to lose weight (I’ve now lost 2 stone and 2 pounds in 4 months).

I do have occasional treats but on the whole I have managed to maintain a social life without compromising my healthy eating and I can honestly say I enjoy my healthier food now. I only eat if I’m hungry and I’ve broken my bad habits of a lifetime. I’ve dropped more than 2 sizes in clothes and feel much healthier, happy and content. Gone are the feelings of self loathing and although I’ll never be a twig, I’m starting to feel happy about my size now. I really do recommend this if you’ve tried everything else and have not been able to have the will power to stick to a healthy eating plan. If this worked for a non believer like me it will work for anyone!  The change was instant (the same day as the 1st session) and it comes naturally to me now; it is my new way of life.

Sally Harper, Milton Keynes (Weight Loss)

For many years I have battled against my weight, been on all sorts of diets – none of which had any lasting success. Now in my 60’s I realised a different approach was needed. Any hesitation about having hypnotherapy soon disappeared after my first session with Emily. Now for the first time in my life I have lost three quarters of a stone in weight and fully intend to keep to the programme as it’s the way I should have been eating all along (still enjoying my food but being more controlled about portions and snacking). I am delighted with the results so far and can thoroughly recommend the Weight Loss Programme provided by Emily.

Lyn Stevens, Luton (Weight Loss)

Thought I would drop you a line with an update from my end. To date since I’ve started our sessions I’ve lost 1 stone and 5 pounds. I am still listening to the CD most days and it keeps me focused. I even managed to get through my birthday celebrations and weekend trip to Scotland and still lost weight. So far so good, thanks for your help so far.

(Testimonial received 6 weeks after Emma had the first Hypno-Band session and she still had 2 more sessions still to go.)

Emma King, Buckingham (Weight Loss)

I just had to write you a quick note to say a big thank you! The hypnosis session for weight loss has started to work already. I am already fitting back into my size 12 clothes and it’s only been 2 weeks since the treatment. My husband is amazed at my new look and keeps commenting on how well I am doing. It is so wonderful to be free from worrying about food all the time.

I now thoroughly enjoy healthy foods. The truly incredible part though is that it is so effortless. I don’t have to work myself into a mental frenzy to avoid sugary fattening foods; my subconscious automatically makes the right choices for me. I’m so thrilled with the idea of looking into the future and excitedly planning what I am going to wear to the next event, how nice it will be to not have to hide my body away from the world, and avoid parties and social events because I’m embarrassed about my size!

I cannot thank you enough, for helping me put my life back on track. I am starting to feel proud of the person I am. Not only will I look younger because of your help, but by eating healthier and having less to worry about, my body will be better able to cope with the day to day stress of life. I will happily recommend your services to any of my friends or anyone who needs hypnotherapy.

Katherine M, Milton Keynes (Weight Loss)

I really thought that once I was in my 60’s achievable weight loss was impossible for me after so many years of being overweight. After reading your web page I was inspired to see if the Hypnoband could help me. As you know I wasn’t a snacker or even had a so called ‘bad diet’. I always had a very good diet of fresh foods fruit and veg, my problem was portion control. Your sessions have taught me to make good choices and not to feel guilty about leaving food on my plate if I am satisfied. I am thrilled by my progress and by listening to my cd I feel totally relaxed and confident that I will continue to lose weight.

Linda Connolly, Buckingham (Weight Loss)

I found I could no longer fight my weight loss battle on my own – I needed one to one help. I brought a positive attitude to Emily’s Hypno-Band programme and I’m so happy I chose to come as to date I have lost just over three stone and I can’t wait to lose more. I still have the same again to lose but I will keep on as this is important for my health not just my looks.

I think the NHS should send patients to see a therapist first before the do the real surgery; it could save them a lot of money. My brother was impressed with how I was doing and he went to see a therapist local to him and it’s working for him also. Thank you Emily, the only regret I have is that I did not do it sooner. All the best to anyone who chooses the same path.

Paula Webb, Milton Keynes (Weight Loss)