Success Stories

These stories are 100% genuine and available for inspection.

I had hypnosis for Weight Loss and in less than 3 months have lost almost 2 stone so far! Amazing! First of all I noticed that I was snacking less between meals and then I began to leave food on my plate as I was full.

I can honestly say I have never left food on my plate as was brought up to clear your plate or no pudding! I am feeling happier and healthier which is what I was hoping for when I started this journey.

Emily was so understanding of my problem and I felt calm and relaxed during my sessions with her. If you are struggling to lose weight I would highly recommend you give hypnosis a go.

Cheryl Howe, Milton Keynes (Weight Loss)

Having been a heavy smoker for many years I decided it was time to quit. It worked a treat even though I was a bit sceptical before I went in. I’ve saved a fortune by not buying cigarettes anymore and I’m convinced my health is better for it. If you are thinking about seeing a Hypnotherapist I would recommend seeing Emily.

Richard Smyth, Milton Keynes (Stop Smoking)

I came across this website having struggled for 20 years with indifferent putting with the occasional ‘lucky round’. I felt for the price of a new putter the sessions were worth the investment. I am pleased to say it has made my game of golf more enjoyable. I look forward to putting after following the training patterns. I can recommend hypnotherapy for golf as an excellent way to improve your game. Needless to say I haven’t had to buy a new putter now I’ve had the hypnosis sessions!

James Cooper, Northampton (Golf Improvement)

What I liked about the Relaxed Childbirth programme:-

  • The ability to help myself in the run up to the due date, when I started to get very nervous at the prospect of giving birth.
  • The fact it helped me feel in control, very relaxed and positive about the whole process and knowing I could do it.
  • I loved how relaxing the sessions were.
  • The take-home CDs were very useful.
  • That my husband could get involved with the sessions and CDs at home.
  • That it worked!

Throughout the entire experience I can honestly say that my husband, baby and I remained calm. My husband and I chatted throughout the entire labour and even got a shout out on one of the early morning shows whilst I was having contractions!

I had 3 “stretch and sweeps” in the run up to labour plus then internal examinations every couple of hours in labour. I was nervous about the stretch and sweeps as several people had told me they were painful. I can honestly say that I never once experienced pain during any internal examination as I used the hypnotherapy skills to relax my body and mind. I took myself off using the countdown method prescribed by Emily and it helped enormously.

The main thing for me was a birth which resulted in a healthy baby and mum and we got both. I feel incredibly lucky and I truly believe that the hypnotherapy did wonders for us. I cannot recommend it enough.

Claire M, Milton Keynes (Relaxed Childbirth)

The Relaxed Childbirth Programme is not only useful for childbirth itself,it was great for relaxation during my pregnancy and helped me to mentally prepare for the birth and ease my concerns. During my contractions I felt in control and calm and I am still using the CD’s Emily gave me. I would definately recommend the programme to friends and use hypnotherapy in the future.

Iona Parrish, Milton Keynes (Relaxed Childbirth)

BabyHenryHaving felt very out of control during my first birth, I wanted to achieve an increased sense of wellbeing the second time around. The self-hypnosis techniques Emily taught me helped me to relax during the last few weeks of a difficult pregnancy. The techniques were very useful in helping me to control my breathing and maintain low stress levels during contractions and to assist me in dealing with any discomfort with minimal medical intervention. I would definitely recommend Emily’s Relaxed Childbirth Programme to friends and would use the techniques again in other aspects of my life. Many thanks for your help in giving me such a positive birth experience

Lauren Saunders, Buckingham (Relaxed Childbirth)

I was skeptical of hypnosis, but have to accept that it works and works brilliantly. Eve was great at the dentist, she just sat in the chair and let him get on with it no problem. You would not think it was the same person such was a difference in her reaction. It went so well he removed 2 teeth. With regards to her old wasp phobia we no longer have to cope with tears and screaming, she just calmly walks away and she’ll now happily climb in the playground etc. In addition to these specifics, she’s generally less anxious and more relaxed. Thank you

Paul Filler (Father of Eve, aged 9), Milton Keynes (Children's Problems)

Thank you Emily for all that you did for me because before I went to you, I was terrified of heights, needles and wasps. I wouldn’t even let a wasp near me or I wouldn’t go very high otherwise I would get scared. But now I have seen you I am not scared of any of the things I was scared of. Now if a wasp goes near me I just walk away and heights are not a problem ever and needles are now OK. I just had two injections today at the dentist.

Eve Filler, Milton Keynes (Children's Problems) Aged 9

I am pleased to say that the session has been a complete success!! I haven’t seen my son with his thumb in his mouth once and he also seems more willing to open up and talk about things on his mind which of course I have encouraged. It has made a huge difference to him and children at school have noticed too which has really given him a boost. So, thank you for helping him achieve this – he no longer feels self-conscious about sucking his thumb and he has told me that he thinks about it less and less.

Susan L, Milton Keynes (Nail Biting)

The reason I bought my 8 year old daughter to you was because she had been suffering for the last 3 years with anxiety, worrying, low self esteem and struggled to be happy and enjoy life like children should, this all stemmed from a breakdown in her family unit. I am so glad I did bring her…

Wow! What an amazing session she had, I was so impressed with the way you explained things to her in child like terms.  She really did imagine she blew those lanterns away with all the negative emotions she had.

On the way to the session I asked her out of 10 how she felt and she said 2 and on the way home she was 100 out of 10, she is so happy and relaxed it’s like a miracle.  She can’t believe how happy she is and that she is not worrying anymore. I can’t thank you enough and would recommend you to everyone.

Penny Bridges (Mother to girl aged 8), Stony Stratford (Children's Problems)

I wanted to write to you to let you know the outcome of the hypnotherapy session you did with my son. As you know, he is 7 years old and the problem was nailbiting. All of his nails were frequently bitten and often looked sore and bloody. We had tried several different remedies, including incentives and Stop ‘n’ Grow solutions, but had no success.

You did a consultation session with us, prior to the actual hypnotherapy session, so that you could meet him and explain what the actual session would be like. You were very careful to make the actual session sound fun and interesting and to make sure that my son was comfortable and that my questions were answered.

The session was a totally comfortable experience and also carried out in a non-hurried and relaxing way. I’m now very glad to be able to tell you that my son has stopped biting his nails. The appearance of his hands is much improved. I’m delighted with the result and we both wanted to thank you. I would have no hesitation in recommending you.

Deirdre B (Mother of boy aged 7), Milton Keynes (Nail Biting)

Just wanted to let you know that my hypnosis sessions worked perfectly. I did my speech very calmly and I was able to enjoy the whole day without any worries. This is the first time I have done any public speaking without my legs wobbling, even though it was the most emotional speech I have ever done. I had many compliments so I was very pleased with the way everything went.

Rex W, Milton Keynes (Father of the Bride Speech)

The week leading up to exams was pure hell but when I got to my final (and most important) one I really did feel ready to go and probably the calmest I have EVER been!  For the first time in 5 years of assessments I didn’t make any stupid mistakes due to nerves. I used the technique you taught me each night leading up to the exams, this helped me to get to sleep each night too. I wasn’t sure how calm I’d be for the big one’s as I still had a few butterflies when I thought of it, but I think a bit of adrenaline is healthy and I would have been freaked out if I wasn’t worried AT ALL! Thank you so much for your help.

Sally Green, Milton Keynes (Exam Worries)

I have never been a confident person; always the “quiet one” in large groups. After my hypnotherapy sessions with you, I feel my confidence is growing every day. I completed two presentations this week which I would previously have been really nervous about. They both went really well. I felt a little nervous initially, a bit of adrenaline is healthy and keeps me sharp! I wish I had come to see you long ago! I can’t thank you enough.

Helen Parker, Newport Pagnell (Presentation Fears)

The sport of boxing requires mental strength in addition to physical fitness. In common with other examples of performing in public, the fear and anxiety that can build up when thinking about your task often prevents you from performing to the best of your ability. Emily’s suggestion therapy has brought out an undiscovered confidence as well as self-belief that I can show my skills and demonstrate effectively what I have learnt when I practice my boxing. The sessions have also been beneficial to my confidence around other people, which has been an added bonus. I would happily recommend The Hypnotherapy Practice to anyone who wants to add an extra edge to their sporting performance

Matthew Wilson, Aylesbury (Sports Enhancement for Boxing)

When I first came to see you, I was almost 50 years old and so terrified of driving that I couldn’t even think about being behind the wheel without feeling ill. I was embarrassed to not hold a driving licence especially but there was no way at all that I could get into a car to drive. You quickly got to the root of the problem in one session. I was amazed and impressed. There was a huge problem right in front of me that I hadn’t even realised. Thankfully you managed to guide my thinking into better ways in just one session. In the weeks following our hypnosis session, I started to be more comfortable with the idea of driving and then decided to give it a go and book a lesson. Only a few weeks later my instructor tells me that I’m a very good, safe driver and well on the way to passing my test. In the 20 years before my hypnotherapy session with you, I couldn’t even think about a test! Weirdest of all – I really like driving now! How amazing is that?

Marian Martin, Milton Keynes (Driving Fears)

Things happening it seems! The day after my session I did the least favourite piece of work and it was marked and returned and I did really well with it. I finished all the 4 written pieces of work over the following few days AND I am not getting the knot/pain in my stomach whenever the exam is mentioned. Thank you so much – I’m hoping to get the Diploma under my belt soon.

Gwen Harris, Hanslope (Motivation for Studying)

Two years ago I had hypnotherapy for weight loss. My main problem area was snacking between meals plus I wanted to make healthier choices. I am still benefiting from the effects of the sessions and to date I have lost one and a half stone which was my target weight loss. I am very happy!

Claudia Wilson, Milton Keynes (Weight Loss)

I have been overweight for more than 30 years. I’ve tried every diet under the sun and although I’ve lost weight on some of them it always goes back on again. I had no faith at all in hypnotherapy but a colleague of mine gave up his 20 a day smoking habit after his session with Emily so I thought I might as well give it a go.

On my 1st session I was hopeful but full of doubt, thinking “this can’t work for me I have been like this for most of my life.” I left the session feeling absolutely no different to when I went in. But that evening I did my weekly shop and found myself in the fruit and vegetable aisle for more than 35 minutes (time that was previously allocated to the cake and chocolate aisle!).

I had 3 sessions 2 weeks apart which I paid for in advance to make sure I would keep attending. In my first 2 weeks I lost 10lbs. By my third session I had lost 1 stone and 2 pounds. I have continued to lose weight (I’ve now lost 2 stone and 2 pounds in 4 months).

I do have occasional treats but on the whole I have managed to maintain a social life without compromising my healthy eating and I can honestly say I enjoy my healthier food now. I only eat if I’m hungry and I’ve broken my bad habits of a lifetime. I’ve dropped more than 2 sizes in clothes and feel much healthier, happy and content. Gone are the feelings of self loathing and although I’ll never be a twig, I’m starting to feel happy about my size now. I really do recommend this if you’ve tried everything else and have not been able to have the will power to stick to a healthy eating plan. If this worked for a non believer like me it will work for anyone!  The change was instant (the same day as the 1st session) and it comes naturally to me now; it is my new way of life.

Sally Harper, Milton Keynes (Weight Loss)

For many years I have battled against my weight, been on all sorts of diets – none of which had any lasting success. Now in my 60’s I realised a different approach was needed. Any hesitation about having hypnotherapy soon disappeared after my first session with Emily. Now for the first time in my life I have lost three quarters of a stone in weight and fully intend to keep to the programme as it’s the way I should have been eating all along (still enjoying my food but being more controlled about portions and snacking). I am delighted with the results so far and can thoroughly recommend the Weight Loss Programme provided by Emily.

Lyn Stevens, Luton (Weight Loss)

Thought I would drop you a line with an update from my end. To date since I’ve started our sessions I’ve lost 1 stone and 5 pounds. I am still listening to the CD most days and it keeps me focused. I even managed to get through my birthday celebrations and weekend trip to Scotland and still lost weight. So far so good, thanks for your help so far.

(Testimonial received 6 weeks after Emma had the first Hypno-Band session and she still had 2 more sessions still to go.)

Emma King, Buckingham (Weight Loss)

I just had to write you a quick note to say a big thank you! The hypnosis session for weight loss has started to work already. I am already fitting back into my size 12 clothes and it’s only been 2 weeks since the treatment. My husband is amazed at my new look and keeps commenting on how well I am doing. It is so wonderful to be free from worrying about food all the time.

I now thoroughly enjoy healthy foods. The truly incredible part though is that it is so effortless. I don’t have to work myself into a mental frenzy to avoid sugary fattening foods; my subconscious automatically makes the right choices for me. I’m so thrilled with the idea of looking into the future and excitedly planning what I am going to wear to the next event, how nice it will be to not have to hide my body away from the world, and avoid parties and social events because I’m embarrassed about my size!

I cannot thank you enough, for helping me put my life back on track. I am starting to feel proud of the person I am. Not only will I look younger because of your help, but by eating healthier and having less to worry about, my body will be better able to cope with the day to day stress of life. I will happily recommend your services to any of my friends or anyone who needs hypnotherapy.

Katherine M, Milton Keynes (Weight Loss)

I really thought that once I was in my 60’s achievable weight loss was impossible for me after so many years of being overweight. After reading your web page I was inspired to see if the Hypnoband could help me. As you know I wasn’t a snacker or even had a so called ‘bad diet’. I always had a very good diet of fresh foods fruit and veg, my problem was portion control. Your sessions have taught me to make good choices and not to feel guilty about leaving food on my plate if I am satisfied. I am thrilled by my progress and by listening to my cd I feel totally relaxed and confident that I will continue to lose weight.

Linda Connolly, Buckingham (Weight Loss)

I found I could no longer fight my weight loss battle on my own – I needed one to one help. I brought a positive attitude to Emily’s Hypno-Band programme and I’m so happy I chose to come as to date I have lost just over three stone and I can’t wait to lose more. I still have the same again to lose but I will keep on as this is important for my health not just my looks.

I think the NHS should send patients to see a therapist first before the do the real surgery; it could save them a lot of money. My brother was impressed with how I was doing and he went to see a therapist local to him and it’s working for him also. Thank you Emily, the only regret I have is that I did not do it sooner. All the best to anyone who chooses the same path.

Paula Webb, Milton Keynes (Weight Loss)

Pleased to say I haven’t smoked from the day I left my session with you. Very occasionally it crosses my mind that I used to smoke, when I’m in certain situations, but the thought passes very quickly and I’m never tempted to light up a cigarette. In general life feels better for not smoking and it the smoking cessation session was worth every penny.

Barry Coppinger, Milton Keynes (Stop Smoking)

After my hypnotherapy session for smoking cessation I have not even thought of smoking a cigarette. It has totally changed my life and I would encourage anyone who wants to quit to contact Emily as she has worked wonders. I have since referred her to many of my friends and family.

Damian Lobendhan, Berkhamsted (Stop Smoking)

At the beginning of November my husband Joe and I both came to you to have hypnotherapy to stop smoking. I just wanted to update you that neither of us has had a cigarette since. I have tried to stop smoking many times over about 25 years and failed. I remember thinking when we drove home after the session that I didn’t feel any different but as the hours, days, months and now a year went on it was extraordinary – I didn’t feel depressed, deprived or bereaved and did not put any weight on at all – almost as if I had never smoked.

I picked up your card from my dentist in Winslow and have told them what a ‘miracle worker’ you are, my dentist has commented on how healthy my gums now look thanks to stopping smoking.

Jane and Joe Millward, Stewkley (Stop Smoking)

Thank you so much for helping me to quit smoking. I can honestly say that I’ve never felt better. After being a smoker for so many years, after just one session with you I no longer have the desire to smoke and I truly believe that I never will. Thanks to you I will be a non smoker for the rest of my life; the smell of tobacco now revolts me.

Jenny Lockwood, Milton Keynes (Stop Smoking)

Thanks for your help with my stop smoking session. Came home, threw all evidence of smoking in the bin and have not had a fag since. Had a few beers over the weekend, thinking ‘hit it head on’ and see what happens and found it pretty easy to be honest. I must admit I was a little cynical about hypnotherapy working upon leaving the session with you, but something most definitely happened as I would never have thought it could be this easy.

Adam Simmons, Milton Keynes (Stop Smoking)

My main motivation for quitting smoking was to give myself a better chance of having a baby. I’ve been smoking half my life and have quit a few times in the past with little success. In social situations (and stressful too) I felt I was ‘missing out’ and always caved in and started smoking again. With hypnotherapy I knew it wasn’t a miracle cure but soon afterwards I was pleasantly surprised to notice how differently I thought about smoking. Since seeing Emily I hardly ever think about smoking. The positive effect it has had on me has started to make my friends and family want to quit too! Once again, a big thank you Emily, it really has changed my life.

Jodi Blake, Milton Keynes (Stop Smoking)

Just thought I would drop you a quick email to let you know how I’m getting on. It’s been nearly 3 months now since I came to see you and you will be pleased to know that you have another success story. I’m still not smoking and on top of that I have lost nearly 2 stone. I’m feeling 100% fitter and have signed up to cycle from John O’Groats to Lands end next year, something I would not have been able to do when I was a smoker. I cannot thank you enough for your help and have passed on your details to a number of people who are interested in giving up and I would thoroughly recommend you to anyone.

Colin Harding, Leighton Buzzard (Stop Smoking)

I would like to highly recommend the support and service provided by The Hypnotherapy Practice. I had been smoking between 15-20 a day even though I couldn’t afford it. I have a non-smoking partner and two young children. Since my session with Emily, I am proud to say I am a non-smoker. I don’t class myself as a ex-smoker, I am a non-smoker. I knew I didn’t quite have it in me to try and quit alone, I needed a strong helping hand and Emily was that. The session was very relaxing, I was very open minded. I’m not going to say it was easy, but do I think it was easier, yes! Emily’s session is how I have managed to remain a non-smoker. Yes obviously I played a massive part in it, but the positive thinking and support provided through hypnosis was the key for me! Thank you Emily, you have changed my life.

Jo Havard, Northampton (Stop Smoking)

Just a quick message to thank you for changing my life! It has now been just over a year since you helped me stop smoking and I am pleased to say I have not had a cigarette since. I am now heartily recommending hypnotherapy for smoking cessation to anyone who will listen.

Ed Lusk, Milton Keynes (Stop Smoking)

There may be a few more people coming to see you – my success has amazed people at work! Many thanks again – you have lifted a heavy, smoky haze from my life and allowed me to look into a brighter, clearer and happier future!

Aine Doggett, Milton Keynes (Stop Smoking)