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Golf: the mental game“90% of golf is in the mind” – Dr Bob Rotella

I am a Milton Keynes based hypnotherapist eager to help golfers in Beds and Bucks take their game of golf to the next level. You may already have had lessons from golf pro’s which will certainly improve the physical aspect of your game but how is your mindset on the golf course?

Of course your mind controls your body not the other way around. It has been said that 90% of golf is in the mind; most problems in your game of golf are due to your mind being inadequately trained to give your body the correct instructions it needs to perform the way you wish it would!

Take for example a shot where you have to avoid a lake, trees or bunkers. Do you stand there and think about all the obstacles you need to miss, or do you visualise and focus on where you would like the ball to land?

Hypno 4 Golf Programmes:-

the satisfaction of holing out in a lower scoreWhen you hit a shot you are not 100% committed to, consciously you have made the decision to hit the ball, but your subconscious has a different idea. Because of this conflict your grip, tempo, rhythm, swing and even breathing will be transmitted through to the club and the ball will go where you in reality expected it to go; the wrong way. On the other hand if you choose exactly where you want your ball to go and feel confident in your swing, the ball has a much better chance of going where you want it to.

Hypno 4 Golf can help with:-

  • The Yips
  • Better Putting
  • Lower Scores
  • Your Short Game
  • Golf Under Pressure
  • Tournament Play

Why does your mind sometimes work against you on the golf course?…

the satisfaction of holing out in a lower score

Habits get lodged in the subconscious and it is common knowledge that our subconscious is more powerful and will override our conscious mind. For example a smoker who doesn’t enjoy smoking may consciously want to quit but because the habit has been formed they find it difficult to. It’s the same with golf; you may have a very clear idea (conscious thought) of what you want to achieve in your game of golf but your subconscious has doubts and worries which affect the way you play your game.

With hypnotherapy you get your subconscious working in harmony with your conscious mind so you can achieve success. You will consciously know where to hit the ball and your subconscious will agree with you and allow it happen.

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