Success Stories

These stories are 100% genuine and available for inspection.

I would like to highly recommend the support and service provided by The Hypnotherapy Practice. I had been smoking between 15-20 a day even though I couldn’t afford it. I have a non-smoking partner and two young children. Since my session with Emily, I am proud to say I am a non-smoker. I don’t class myself as a ex-smoker, I am a non-smoker. I knew I didn’t quite have it in me to try and quit alone, I needed a strong helping hand and Emily was that. The session was very relaxing, I was very open minded. I’m not going to say it was easy, but do I think it was easier, yes! Emily’s session is how I have managed to remain a non-smoker. Yes obviously I played a massive part in it, but the positive thinking and support provided through hypnosis was the key for me! Thank you Emily, you have changed my life.

Jo Havard, Northampton (Stop Smoking)

Just a quick message to thank you for changing my life! It has now been just over a year since you helped me stop smoking and I am pleased to say I have not had a cigarette since. I am now heartily recommending hypnotherapy for smoking cessation to anyone who will listen.

Ed Lusk, Milton Keynes (Stop Smoking)

There may be a few more people coming to see you – my success has amazed people at work! Many thanks again – you have lifted a heavy, smoky haze from my life and allowed me to look into a brighter, clearer and happier future!

Aine Doggett, Milton Keynes (Stop Smoking)