Hypnotherapy For Weight Loss without Dieting

Emily Heale is a Licensed Hypno Band PractitionerHypnotherapy is an effective way to aid weight loss because it changes negative eating habits and behaviours into positive ones. If you are bored of dieting and want to gain control over your eating habits you have come to the right place because I treat more clients for weight loss than any other symptom and have helped hundreds of clients slim down. Hypnotherapy can give you the boost you need to lose weight.

Some people overeat depending on their mood (comfort and emotional eating) – they may eat chocolate to cheer themselves up as a treat or eat crisps when watching the TV. For those trying to lose weight, these treats are often followed by feelings of guilt. With my help you can leave behind the negative self-image and low self-esteem and move towards a happier, healthier, slimmer and sexier you.

Why aren’t diets helpful & how hypnotherapy helps

eating plans are better than dietsDiets make us crave even more the foods that we are not “allowed”, leaving us feeling frustrated and deprived. Diets normally involve reducing the amount you eat and/or severely restricting the number of calories you consume. When you do this your body gradually reacts and a natural (rather unhelpful!) mechanism kicks in whereby your body thinks it is being starved and then over time your metabolism slows down (the speed at which your body burns calories).

Many people try diets or slimming clubs and often they lose weight but slowly notice that the pounds creep back once they reach their target weight because they stop controlling their food and revert to their old bad habits having been ‘let loose’ from their weekly meetings or strict diet regime. It is well known that losing weight slowly means you are much more likely to keep the weight off in the long term, rather than losing weight quickly by crash dieting.

Exercise – It does help!

eating plans are better than dietsYou may not like exercise but the more muscle we have, the faster our metabolic rate is. Muscle tissue needs be maintained so our body actually uses more calories daily to do that. When you exercise you burn calories. So the way it all ties in together is that exercise actually helps you build muscle and since you are training your body to burn more calories, in addition it makes the metabolism slightly faster.

Which Programme?

There are two weight loss programmes to choose from depending on how much weight you’d like to lose and your personal preference.

Both programmes are designed to help you:-

  • Reduce the amounts of snacks you eat
  • Control portion sizes – only eating the amount your body really needs
  • Eat when you are hungry and stop when you are full i.e. listen to your body
  • Find motivation to exercise – visiting the gym or just taking walks
  • Find it easier to choose healthier options
  • Become slimmer and fitter
  • Enjoy 3 meals a day and feeling full and satisfied with those meals (so less need to snack)
  • Feel more in control