Free Initial Consultation

Emily Heale offers a free initial consultation to determine whether hypnotherapy is right for you.I am based a 10 minute drive from Central Milton Keynes in the small market town of Stony Stratford. You may choose to have your consultation by Skype if you prefer and if you don’t live locally your sessions can be done via Skype also.

The initial consultation lasts around 30 minutes and is an informal appointment to discuss your case and answer any of your questions. There is no obligation and no fee. An initial consultation is not required for smoking cessation. The first session can be booked for immediately after the consultation if you wish. Please let me know if you’d like this so that I can factor in the time. For actual sessions booked, a £20 deposit is payable. If you need to cancel the deposit is refundable, providing you’ve given more than 24 hours notice..


Fees are payable on leaving at the end of each session please by cash, credit card or cheque. Bank transfers are accepted in advance of the session, please ask me for details. The £20 deposit (see above) can be paid by bank transfer or PayPal.

Hypno-Band Programme

The Hypno BandA programme of 4 sessions with 2 audio links plus handouts. Hypno-Band is the original virtual gastric band treatment. Sessions usually have a gap of between 7 – 14 days between them, except for the 4th and final session which is approximately 3 weeks after the 3rd.

Programme Cost:- £280 (£70 each)

Relaxed Eating Programme

Relaxed Eating ProgrammeA programme of 3 sessions including an audio link to help re-enforce the work done. Sessions usually have a gap of 7 – 14 days between them. This programme is usually opted for by those who have less than 2 stone to lose.

Programme Cost:- £210 (£70 each)

Stop Smoking Session

Smoking CessationOne session to stop smoking quickly and easily. The session lasts around 75 to 90 minutes and an audio link is given to help the process. A free back up session is available within 4 weeks if you need it. Consultations are not required for this session, just book straight in.

Price:- £180

Fears & Phobias

Only 3 to 4 sessions are needed for phobias such as fear of flying, heights, enclosed spaces, spiders etc. Sessions usually have a gap of 7 – 14 days between them.

Price:- £70 per session

Childbirth Programme

Childbirth ProgrammeA programme of 3 sessions and 3 audio links to enable a calmer childbirth experience and to help you feel more in control. Suitable for first time mothers or mothers who have been through childbirth before.

Programme Cost:- £210 (£70 each)

Children’s Problems

Children's ProblemsNormally only one or two sessions are required for children’s problems, with many things being treatable including fussy eating, school problems and bedwetting.

Price:- £70 per session

Cancer Treatment

Help alleviate the symptoms of cancerHelp alleviate the side effects of your cancer treatment as well as enabling you to feel more in control of the situation.

Price:- £60 per session

Other problems

Suggestion TherapyOnly 3 to 4 sessions are needed for more simple problems such as public speaking fears, nail biting, confidence etc. Sessions usually have a gap of 7 – 14 days between them.

Price:- £70 per session